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All your tubing needs.

This is an afternoon well spent, not the finished product as that’s a surprise between me and the company I did it for. Basically, Purple Door at the University of Portsmouth have found me a position as a Creative Lead within a Marketing company, pre-interview prep was essentially showing them what I could to on Indesign using a short brief they provided.

The brief was to create a postcard to go at a till in a builders merchant advertising a particular brand of copper tube for plumbing and heating contractors with the main incentive that if they ‘like’ the brand on Facebook, they can then enter a photo competition and be in the running for winning an iPad.

Here’s hoping this is enough to impress them, I’m quite happy with it, obviously I had to do a bit of Google-image trawling but hopefully they’ll see past that. Coincidently, earlier today I walked passed a builder’s merchants, and they did in fact have post cards at the till, I’ve tried to make mine as different as possible. From what I saw available, they were mainly straight-forward text so I think that part was pretty successful. Thanks to some help from Moon I’ve got something a bit less ‘obvious’ than my initial idea.

Fingers crossed it was worth it. I’m so hungry now.

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