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Tuesday Tabs #7

Lucky number seven! Blogging from a different place today and without my laptop, but I’ve tried my best to remember everything. Mainly so once I get home I can tidy up my computer, but also because I enjoy making this visual scrapbooks, even if I’m the only person watching.

I’m currently down in Dorking staying with my Gran as the journey from here is much quicker to Didcot and cheaper, than from New Malden. It’s only until tomorrow morning but quite nice because I get tea cooked for me 🙂

I’ve not spent that much time at the computer recently, apart from to upload my own images. I don’t want to be tempted by too many things online that I can’t afford. I’ve also tried to steer clear for the last few days due to Oscars spoilers, call me a geek if you will, but I kind of love the whole ceremony – the news already informed me about The Artist winning best film and Christopher Plummer winning for best supporting actor, which I’m so happy about as ‘Beginners’ is probably my favourite film I’ve seen this year.

Today was the big Alamy interview, and I think it went well. It was super easy to get to, which considering I had to rely on public transport, was a mega plus – not that I plan to commute from New Malden/Dorking for long. The job sounds smashing-great and I’d just really love to be given a break soon. Things do kind of feel like they’ll be on the up soon though.

Let The Be Flight Hanging Lamp, $97.99, Modcloth
How amazing is his lampshade? I think it would work best on a standing lamp rather than on the ceiling, so you could enjoy the detail. It’s so overly whimsical, I love it.

Bear Bottle Opener, $13.99, Modcloth
I’m so into this bear bottle opener, so here’s hoping that it will be back in stock soon. Since seeing the Funkytime Ikea Kitchen Cart Makeover, I’m totally inspired to make my own version once I’m moved out. I’m actually not into the cart as such but this would look good anywhere, at the side of a kitchen counter, on a table, watch this space.

No idea how this escaped me previously, I’ve loved New Girl from the beginning. This is Zooey Deschanel’s version of the interactive video on the official New Girl website, but you can make you own here.

Burger & Chips Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, £9, Urban Outfitters

Persian Cat Salt and Pepper Shakers, £9, Urban Outfitters

Tee-shirt Frames, £20, Urban Outfitters
For someone who says they don’t really like Urban Outfitters I do seem to be spending an awful lot of time browsing there. I’m totally promising myself that it’s just for inspiration rather than intent. I did think that these were a nifty idea anyway. Frames for t-shirts would be great for someone like Moon, who has so many t-shirts with pretty designs that he’s either worn out or doesn’t get around to wearing. With shops like Boy Parker and sites like Threadless as well as many independent illustrators going for more design-orientated t-shirts, I can totally buy framing a t-shirt as a piece of artwork, but that might be just because I really love frames and framing things…

I watched this the other day and I firmly related to it, perhaps wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who’s feeling super down about finishing Uni but it was pretty funny and had that pretty, hazy indie film feel about it. I already had it to watch but my current read, ‘Geek Girls Unite’ bumped it to the top of my ‘must-watch’ list and I’m glad that it didn’t disappoint.

Generally I hate this meme, but overall it’s kind of true… sadface.

Link love:

  • DIY Shadowbox with Modcloth – I must start checking out the Modcloth blog more regularly as on a quick browse, it features so many things that I’m interested in and like to look at.
  • 9-Eyes – I came across this a while ago, but it’s such a unique take on Photography’s function in the digital age. It showcases the weird and wonderful of Google Street View, some of the images are stunning, others are odd, but it’s definitely worth a look.
  • Ryan Gosling Pancake – So, it was Shrove Tuesday last week, and I thought this was a particularly good pancake, bringing together my love of two particularly attractive things, may give this a go next year.
  • We All Scream Shaker Set – Too many nice salt and pepper shakers around at the moment, may have to resort to having several sets.
  • 5 Overlooked Muppets – Can’t believe it’s taken so long for me to find Boyparker’s new and improved blog, but it’s amazing. This is my favourite so far, in case your Muppets trivia wasn’t up to scratch.
  • Attempted Illustration – The Royal Tenebaums – Take a look at my friend Izzy’s Royal Tenenbaum series, it’s very good.
  • Drive Neon Sign
  • Casey Weldon – A great artist for lovers of pop culture, I particularly enjoy this scary Steve Zissou print.

    I hope that your week is going well so far, would love hear what you think about these posts. Personally, I know I’ve said this before but I’m kind of using it as a scrap book, so I can keep track of things rather than clog everthing up. I can tend to change my mind quite quickly so I feel like it’s also a good way to help me make choices, I think these kinds of posts are especially going to come in useful as visual reference points when I move out, a likely win for structured fun.

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