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Tuesday Tabs. #6

Hey, so I missed last week, because I was busy being pretend-romantic, so let’s pretend that it didn’t happen and carry on, yeah?

My internship might be finishing early and end this week, it’s been a bit of a struggle to find things for me to do recently. I’m glad my boss recognised this, I had a previous internship where I finished all the work by 12 but sat until 6 with nothing to do. I’ve learnt a lot though, and I think I could handle working in a ‘weekly publication’ environment. I realise that being an intern is completely different though as you don’t really have much responsibility but I love to learn and I’m already quite organised, so…
I don’t know, I’m not saying that it will be fun to get back to applying for jobs, but it will be good to do it without worrying about other commitments and feeling guilty.
I’m spending today job hunting as it happens, with Moon and then we’re going to go to the post office and for a walk, which is nice.

Because I missed last week there are a few Valentines things, although like I mentioned in a previous post, hearts should be (and basically are in my case) all year round.

Don’t leave rug, £12, Urban Outfitters
How lonely is this rug? I wouldn’t keep my hopes up for quality, but you never know with Urban Outfitter’s pricing structure. I’m tempted but I’m really trying to steer away from novelty homewares, attempting to semi-grow up and go for classic items…

ASOS Eiffel tower sunglasses, £12 £9, ASOS
Struggling to see when anyone would be able to wear these, but I kind of like them. You’d definitely be the coolest girl walking around Paris if you were to wear these.

Bunny slap-watch, £12, ASOS
Although I love my watch, because it’s simple and I’m unlikely to ever become bored of it, I often find myself drawn to kooky watches like this one.

Like everyone else on the Internet, I’ve been loving a bit of Gotye this week. However, having a boyfriend who loves music as much as mine does, I had actually heard ‘Somebody that I used to know’ without realising and in the form of this cover. I wouldn’t recommend bothering with their other covers because they just don’t live up to this one’s ‘epicness’. I do permanently have this song in my head anyway now though, thanks to it being overplayed at work and on the radio. I’m getting used to the full album and am still unsure how I feel but Gotye has definitely placed himself firmly on my playlist with ‘Somebody that I used to know’ at least.

Rob Ryan: Four Trees, Four Seasons ceramic plates, £29.50, Amazon
There’s basically nothing stopping me now I’ve discovered a goldmine of affordable Rob Ryan products. Like I said I was a bit bummed out about the mugs I bought for Moon, but the amount of stuff available more than makes up for it. I would be very proud to own these plates indeed. I’ve already picked up a copy of Rob’s latest book, ‘This is for You’ for a snip of what Urban Outfitters was charging, out of principal, I probably wouldn’t have picked it up from there anyway.

Red/orange dolly coat, £75 £25, Dorothy Perkins
So tempted by the price but winter is almost over and I wouldn’t even get to wear it, and by next winter I’d hope to have a job and therefore be able to buy whatever coat I want without worrying about it being on sale.

I thought this was a pretty nice tribute to Whitney Houston from Autumn Andersen and Eli Boragine for Hello Giggles’ video juke box. I don’t feel like I would say anything that hasn’t already been said on the rest of the matter, and overall it’s not my place to say anything anyway.

Cute advert for Social Media Week. I often wonder what I’ll be like in forty years time…
Link Love

  • DIY Valentine’s Day Inspired Nail Polish — I thought this was a great tutorial, not only for creating heart nail polish but also realising that there’s actually no reason to fork out for overpriced glitter polishes when it’s that easy to make you own. Why had I never cottoned on to it before, it’s so obvious! The actual blog also has a ton of other neat DIY ideas which you should definitely have a peak at. (via Gem Fatale)
  • Eva Franco for Modcloth — I try and stay away from Modcloth because it’s just too tempting with too hefty a delivery price for the UK. But this collection is beautiful, my favourites are the Swan in a Million dress and the Frames and Fortune dress, so happy to see the galaxy print slowly diffusing down into wearable items.
  • Katy Perry by David LaChappelle for GHD — So, I’m not that interested in fashion photography overall but I can appreciate it and I’ve got a soft spot for David LaChappelle, because I was a Photography student and because he’s one of the ones you have to like, like Nan Goldin or Martin Parr. So I enjoy this campaign he shot for the new GHD collection, it’s put together in a really clever way and it’s so shiny and pretty.

  • I guess I’m a bit sorry that there’s not so much this week despite the fact I didn’t post one last week either, but I’ve been both busy and tired, which isn’t a great combination. Don’t worry, you’ll reap the full benefits when I’m definitely unemployed again next week.

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