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Surprise snow.

That crept up a bit, it’s a bit melty now though. I didn’t go to Shortlist today as it was still icy and snowy this morning and the trains from New Malden are slow and late on a regular basis anyway, let alone when you throw freak weather into the mix. Seems like a bit of a waste because although it’s a two week time span so far, this would have only been my sixth day…

I’m nervously awaiting an email from the company I had an interview with on Monday. It would be nice to just be told, even if I don’t get the second interview, which I hope I have. Both Long and Chris landed jobs this week, I’m really hoping this is a sign of of good things to come and that Moon and I will get something soon. I have another interview on Monday through a recruitment agency, which sounds quite promising so I’m a bit excited. I’ve been semi-researching rental properties in anticipation and I think it’s begun to depress me so I’m going to stop.

Anyway, here are some photos I’ve taken this week. It’s all been a bit uneventful and I’ve been so sleepy but I’ve spent today trying to psych myself up, so hopefully that will work and next week will be pumping.

Tuesday was a bit of a ‘why not?’ kind of day and I re-discovered this dress, which I love but just haven’t worn in ages.
Cardigan: Primark
Necklace: Gift from Moon’s mum (Accessorize)
Dress: New Look
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Socks: New Look
Shoes (current fave, so comfy): Dorothy Perkins

Everyone has full-on caught Valentine’s fever this week, almost putting me off it a bit. It does remind me that I have to work on Moon’s card over the weekend though. So thanks, Pizza Express

I do really like McDonalds, but it is pretty annoying that it’s one of the better places to eat for under £5…

This is a cake that my sister made for her friend’s 18th birthday. It’s quite nice, but you definitely have to love chocolate.

Thursday’s lunch – Itsu, High Holburn

Obligatory posey kitten picture.

I know these aren’t exciting but I like them. Like I said, I’m hoping things will pick up soon. I’m planning on starting on the Photography book my sister got me for Christmas so I’ll share my efforts from that with you. It’s just all about finding the time at the moment, and when I finally find the time, I just want to eat and sleep.

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