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So, it snowed.

With a couple of ‘whitemares’ behind me since starting this blog, I’m kind of plum out of hilarious snow-related titles. To be honest, compared to previous years, it was the snow itself that was almost laughable. Sure, just snow for a whole night and then that’s it, I’m unprepared and English godammit! I need a weeks worth of snow days filling the news with fluffy sledders and angry commuters, what the hell?! I feel a bit robbed…

Saying that, I had an important interview today, and I was a bit of an angry commuter myself. I hope that the lateness contributed by the snow hasn’t ruined my chances because this role sounds exactly what I’ve been looking for since leaving Ink at the end of November. I’m well and truly keeping my fingers and toes crossed for this one. I’m acutely aware that I say that about every interview, basically because overall I just want a job, but this would be a great job and the people who interviewed me were so nice. I hope you realise by now that I’m not an ‘eggs in one basket’ kind of girl, so I’ll still be interning at Shortlist for the time-being and maintaining my nervous disposition for the foreseeable future. Don’t worry, you haven’t quite lost me to the ‘real’ working world just yet.

I didn’t have much of a chance to snap many photos on Sunday morning because we were all of sudden out the door and terribly rushed, but I got a few from the car of around Moon’s house. It all looked so picturesque, until everyone realised what had happened and ruined it, as I have found in my 22 years of existence, is often the case.

We went over to Guilford on Sunday afternoon with Chris to grab some lunch with Moon’s old coursemate, Sam. We went to T.G.I Friday’s, which I must say I’ll probably be reluctant to return to, for no other reason than the price. It was almost £50 for Moon and I, admittedly we had a starter, main and dessert and really, the cost would have been fine, if it wasn’t essentially pub grub. Don’t get be wrong, I’m a big fan of pub grub (look at me), but come on, £15-16 for a main dish, you’re selling burgers and mediocre chips, what are you doing?
It was a nice afternoon though, ending up with a drool over a pair of mint green Urbanears in HMV. Pity they are almost entirely unnecessary in my hands as I hardly ever listen to music on-the-go…

THIS, is an abomination not only to salads, but food generally. It actually offends me, this is not a salad.

Moon drove me back home with the attention of dropping me back. Then, due to awful planning, I went back to his, after we introduced Chris to ‘New Girl’, so we could watch the Superbowl. I was in it for the halftime show as I have no interest in or knowledge of American football, or any sport really, and I must say, Madonna did not live up to Black Eyed Peas last year, far too little Cee Lo, in my opinion.
So, this is what my late-night consisted of:

On impulse, when picking up Superbowl snacks, I also bought a ‘Turbo Tango’. I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s Tango, but can only be drunk as a foam, from an airtight bottle, un-delicious.

One of my Christmas gifts to Moon appears to have inadvertently been a pair of stockings. I must say that I approve of this look greatly. I think it will look particularly fetching when summer rolls around…

Around Moon’s house and Dorking was still pretty bad this morning, when added to the issue of general rush hour traffic, that’s why I was running around being late, but I’m excited and hopeful about things despite this. It’s crazy how the weather can differ so much though, here is what Moon’s garden looked like this morning:

And here is what mine looked like when I got home this afternoon:

Tomorrow I’m going to try and be less lazy, I don’t think I’ve needed to catch up on sleep like that before.
Here’s a video of Dolly I took on Saturday, looking forward to impending Youtube acknowledgement ♥

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