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Tuesday Tabs. #2

I was getting mega worried that after deciding to make this ‘a thing’ that I then wouldn’t have anything to show you this week, but then a ton of stuff made it to the hoarding list within the last couple of days.

Before I begin, exciting news! Yesterday I photographed with an organisation called Body Gossip while they went on an anti-diet march put together by Any Body. It was all about challenging the idea of ‘the perfect body’ and the importance of self-esteem whatever you look like, pretty empowering stuff. I found out about it thanks to one of the guys I met back in October on the Ready 4 Work walk, Jake. It was really nice of him to think of me, and I hope that he likes the photos I ended up taking, even if my camera committed suicide before the march even began! Photos will follow either later today or some time tomorrow, I’ve suddenly become super-busy and it’s only the beginning of the week!

SLR camera bag, Pixbag, €54.90

So Moon sent me to this great online German store which sells the cutest SLR bags. They’re a bit pricey and my handbag doubles up as the perfect camera bag but this polka-dot case is pretty tempting. I’ve actually noticed there are a lot more padded standalone casing coming out for SLRs recently, particularly ones with pretty patterns, like the burrito lens cover Petapixel posted yesterday.

This is so much fun! Yours and Theirs is an amazing photography project carried out each week sharing different people’s ideas on the same topic. It’s really interesting and pretty neat because there aren’t so many people involved yet so it’s easy to get your head around. This weeks assignment is a toughy as I’ve never truly believed in luck and am very much a circumstance, ‘everything happens for a reason’ kind of girl… Check out the Facebook group and blog.

Guest towels, H&M, £6.99

Who knew H&M had such bangin’ homewares. I only came across these by chance in the catalogue, definitely something for the Someday Home wishlist, and they come in so many colours.

Shower Mat, H&M, £6.99

The only real question left is what colour scheme I would want…

Lemon duvet set, H&M, £14.99

I really, really, really wish this came in a double size, who even has single duvets when they’re an adult? I assume that’s who H&M market their homewares for? Why so stingy on you duvet sizes, H&M?

(via 52 Teapots, © Luke Avery, 2012)
Following up his 2010 Sheffield 365 project, Luke Avery has come up with another ritualistic challenge for himself, a teapot a week, photographed differently, for the whole year. He’s uploading them every Thursday, I think it will be interesting to see how this turns out.
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Beginners, 2010

I would highly recommend this movie, it has everything; Ewan McGregor, a love story, a cute dog, sadness. It’s beautiful.

Gemma Correll ‘Pug on a Bike’ temporary tattoo, Tattly, $5 for two.

I know it’s quite old now but I’d never seen it before and I think it’s bloody impressive stuff, so there you go. To promote Dry the River’s single ‘No Rest’, Xavier Barrade of creative agency, Foam came up with this amazing 3D horse poster to mimic both the artwork for the single. I only wish I’d seen one in real life, a great and beautiful piece of advertising.

Diana F+ Camera Mens T-shirt, Cotton Spaceship, £16.07

Not even that into Dianas but this is a sweet tee.

Link love:

  • Goodnight Little Spoon — An amazing blog i found at the weekend though The Dainty Squid’s Friday Favourites. Bianca is Australian and posts the best crafts, design ideas and collaborations I’ve seen in ages, she’s given me so many projects to think about doing, I can tell that she’s going to become a favourite, I’m already a little bit in love with her January Photo Challenge.
  • Keri Smith’s 100 Ideas — Another neat collective project. Keri Smith, creator of the popular ‘Wreck this Journal‘ has listed 100 fun things to do involving drawing, photography and even general collecting. I’m thinking of giving a few of them a go once I’ve done this 30 day challenge (not that it’s going very well), it sounds like a lovely way to de-stress and keep occupied.
  • Gemma Correll’s Flickr — Re-discovering her again, some of her illustrations don’t half make me giggle.
  • Marchand & Meffre — Parisian photographers documenting abandoned spaces within bustling urban and suburban areas. An image from their ‘Abandoned Detroit Houses’ selection part of their ‘The Ruins of Detroit’ series was used as the cover for Dry the River’s New Ceremony, and the band have since used additional images by them on additional artwork.
  • Closet Overflow — Ugly jumper overload, and great vintage finds for great prices.
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