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Ruthy-Jay’s Wild Weekend!

Oh wait, I’m talking about that other weekend, the one where I spent Saturday practicing my driving theory, going for lunch with Moon and watching How I Met Your Mother and Greg Davies’ stand up and where I spent Sunday buying snacks at the Korean supermarket in the morning and spending the whole afternoon browsing Etsy for things I don’t have room for but would really really like while Moon watches football. Yep, this weekend’s been a wacky one, as you can probably tell.

What a weird week it’s been though, at the end of last week, I didn’t have a cat, and now I do and I have to brush her and feed her and scoop her poop, it’s so weird. I’ve been so productive, I have a website, and I’ve cleaned up my CV, if I see the rest of the year through how I’ve seen the last week, 2012 is going to be awesome. However, I think that as 2012 is officially over a week old now, I should just carry on as though it wasn’t New Year’s Day just last Sunday. I’m not productive because of a ‘new year, new start’ mentality, I’m just productive and ready for anything, damnit.

So, next week I’ll be working on a graphic version of my CV, which was something I didn’t get around to doing this week, what with gaining a kitten and having an incredibly slow internet day on the first day I worked on my website (therefore also the day I needed to upload all the images onto the server), which was swell. But that’s in the line up to be uploaded for the world to see, along with a couple of wishlist and catlady-related posts.
Tomorrow is the first time I’ll be visiting the Job Centre since before Christmas, which, as anyone who goes themselves will know, is a major mood killer. I’m hoping I can remain as happy as I have been so far this year though and hope that there isn’t a direct correlation between the lack of Job Centre and my general perkiness.

I guess that that’s enough talking, and as my description surely wet your appetites, here are some photographs that I’ve taken over the last few days, mainly involving my new arrival, but there are some that don’t. There’s a mix of phone and SLR, so excuse the quality mish-mash.

As the semi-owner of an eighteen year-old cat, I am aware that cats are incredibly changeable creatures, and this is probably one reason why people who don’t like cats don’t like them, not that I really know how anyone can not like anything cute with fur. So, currently, Dolly loves my windowsill when the curtains are open because she can sit on these magazines and be slightly higher while being able to observe both what’s going on outside and my whole bedroom. It also gets warm when the sun is out and she gets to hang out with me.

Moon came over on Saturday and we went to Kingston after taking our old TV to the dump. We tried and failed to give my monitor to CEX but they wouldn’t take it because I didn’t give them a VGA cable, so they couldn’t test it, why not just keep one spare? So we wasted a bit of time walking to and from the car park. We ended up being starving and having a late and big lunch at Frankie B’s at the top of the Bentall Centre, it was quite nice there but our piggyness was initially unintentional. I would have taken more photos but my phone decided, as it often does, that it had had too much.

Dolly is always thirsty, you can’t leave any half-full glasses around with her, even though she has her own waterbowl. Moon insisted that I filled this glass up just a bit so she would be able to drink from it…

My future housemates. I’m glad Moon liked Dolly, I didn’t think he wouldn’t because she is very sweet-natured and looks pretty, but it is good they get along and that he likes her because it will be easier when we all move in together. She likes him a lot anyway because he’s a boy.

I took Moon to H-Mart, the Korean supermarket around the corner from me. I’m not sure why I took him there, I think it was mainly because I couldn’t think of something that wouldn’t take so much time that he would miss the football but would be enough time to feel like we got out of the house.

I’d love to take real photos there, there’s such a variety of different stuff and so many products that you wouldn’t even think people needed.

We came home with some tasty snacks, which were much nicer than they sounded, I wonder why they don’t sell Nandos crisps everywhere, everyone loves Nandos.

I thought I would share this necklace with you. At the beginning of the week I cleared out a load of boxes that I haven’t looked at since we moved here, that’s nearly two years before I moved here permanently. I found this gem in a box full of a mixture of old cameras and family photographs. I felt so amazing when everything was organised and I got a new necklace out of it. I don’t know where it’s from but I quite like it, I don’t see anything wrong with channelling a bit of my inner-cat-lady every now and then…

Okay, so maybe I lied, they’re nearly all of Dolly, but she’s still so new and exciting and we’re still getting to know each other.

I think I’m going to leave you with this, ‘I Don’t Know’ by Kassidy, a song which, thanks to Moon I basically haven’t had out of my head all week, I recommend that you get their album, Hope St, it’s pretty great.

I’m starting a 30-day challenge tomorrow 🙂

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