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Family Finds.

Last week I was having a huge clean out of drawers and under my bed (making sure there wasn’t hidey-holes under my bed for the cat to poop or throw up in) and I found a mass of old family photos that I haven’t seen in a long time. They were great to add to the hundreds more that I found a couple of weeks previous to that when I cleaned out a box in my wardrobe that I haven’t touched since we moved here.

I thought I would share them with you because I thought some of them had a lot of photographic merit and were really nice on top of just being good family photos. My sister also dug out a few of my Dad that my Gran gave her before I moved home and they’re so great, as well as some letters that he wrote to my Great Grandma thanking her for Christmas and birthday presents, it really made me feel close to him again. There were also a few of my Grandparents before they were my Grandparents and back when they were just my Dad’s parents. I don’t care what anyone says, Grandparents are the coolest.

Papa, Gran and Dad, Belfast, June 1960

See? The coolest.

Santa and Dad, Belfast, 1964

This is a photo of my Dad visiting Santa at around the age of four, apparently he was taken there by a neighbour, I don’t blame his face. I’m particularly fond of the sinister hand to the left of the photo. Someone actually thought that this would make a great child portrait, and it does in way I suppose…

Dad, Fairways, Dorking.

Papa & Mum, Fairways, Dorking.

Dad & Benny, Fairways, Dorking.

Grace, Grandma, Papa & Me

Dad & Me

Me in Snow, Fairways, Dorking & Brockham

Being read a book by Papa, Fairways, Dorking.

Me, Fairways, Dorking.

Always in the best outfits, and the worst hats.

Left: Me with my first and only hamster, Sassy. She was really old for a hamster when she died and Suzie was sad and alerted everyone when it happened; despite the fact that Suzie had tormented her for almost the entire time we had her.
Right: The first time I dipped my toe in the sea, Newcastle, Northern Ireland.

Lucy, Me & Gran.

Lucy & Me

Both, Legoland.
Left: Being a total boss.
Right: Someone involved in the making of this image didn’t know their left from their right.

When Suzie was as ridiculous-looking as Dolly is now. Nowadays she’s still a beaut but is looking a bit more mature.

Lucy & Uncle Barry, The Rayburn Room, Cyprus Avenue, Belfast.

I wonder if it looks like I’ve had a menagerie of pets, because that is simply not the case. We’ve had a hamster, two rabbits and two cats, three if you include Dolly. All of them were ancient and Suzie is still going now. Sadly, Felix, the cat pictured, either ran away or was taken from us. He was the best cat and used to hang out around my shoulders, he was massive but was such a softie and would take a helluva lot of guff from Suzie when she didn’t fancy playing mother to him.

Felix, The Coach House, Capel.

This is probably the weirdest photo I found, the more I look at it the more things I notice and the stranger it gets. I like it but mainly because it’s weird.

Lucy & Dad.

This is probably my all-time favourite family photo, everything about it is perfect.

Gran & Papa, The Coach House, Capel.

Lucy & Rebecca the Rabbit, The Coach House, Capel.

Lucy, The Coach House, Capel.

Dad, Fairways, Dorking.
I perhaps realised three things during making this selection to share with you.
1.) I was nearly always grumpy when I was younger, or very serious at best.
2.) My Gran takes some of the best photos; most of the ones she’s handed down to us are rejects from the ones she keeps in frames or albums at her house and they’re still awesome.
3.) I’m quite glad that my life so far has had such a mixture of normality and oddness.

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