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I had quite a busy weekend in the end, and it was definitely one for friends, it was quite nice to take my mind of my nerves for a while.

On Saturday I met up with my friend from my course, Abbie, who I went to Paris with. We met at Liverpool Street station and we then headed over to Spitalfields and had pizza at Fire & Stone; I had a weird pizza called ‘Byron Bay’ which had sweet potato on it, it sounds odd, but it was delicious.
The vintage flea market was at Spitalfields so I couldn’t resist taking a few snaps but was a bit disappointed at the lack of taxidermy this weekend, although there were some other weird things such as a vintage litter, which would have been fun to ride around in.

I like Waterloo & City because it’s mint green but I hate Bank because it’s like a lab-rat run.

Saturday seemed to be the day for HMV record players, I was quite tempted by this one but how could you guarantee that it would work?

I’d love a wacky house-phone for my someday home. I think this one is stretching it a bit, and I doubt it would even go with anything, but I thought the fact that it even exists was pretty funny.

This stall was run by a a proper wheeler-dealer. He had a Volkswagen emblem hanging on a chain around his neck and a Delboy jacket, but he was only about 25. He had so many cameras to choose from (including the ones below), as well as lots of weird clothes. I kind of wish I’d taken a photo of him as well.

This stall was probably my favourite. I picked up some 1930s transfers from here, that can be used on any material, even glass! I was so tempted by those dog shot glasses but resisted purely because I don’t really like shots or have anyone to do them with even if I did.

Here’s the litter I mentioned, it was quite small but even so it’s not exactly something you see everyday and you could definitely easily get an Emperor at least.

This is New York-based artist OLEK show at Tony’s Gallery just off of Brick Lane. It was a room covered in knitting, so cool. You might remember I posted a yarn-bombed bicycle from the last time I visited Shoreditch.

After Spitalfields we walked down Brick Lane and towards Box Park. It was my first time actually seeing Box Park since it was finished at the beginning of December but I thought it was really well done. I’m still incredibly surprised that there are still so many empty lots when I would have thought the revenue generated would far outweigh the issue of having to furnish and brand one from scratch. Nonetheless it was still awesome, we went into most of the shops on the top deck and bought a few bits from Cyber Candy before peeping in at the slightly less affordable shops on the bottom level. They’re all laid out so well, I can’t wait to see how Box Park evolves in the future.

It was a really nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and I really love that part of London, made me kind of miss working at Ink.

Yesterday, my friend Tom came over, it was kind of last-minute but kind of not at the same time. Either way I think if we had planned it better we would have got a lot more out of the day, but it was still a lovely, easygoing Sunday.
We had a cup of tea and then went over to the restaurant for lunch, before deciding that Richmond Park would be a nice way to while away the hours. I came up with the idea to do a photo scavenger hunt; in that we would all try and capture images of different things that can be found at Richmond Park; you can see Tom’s photo of the list here. I think we may have been a bit over-ambitious because there were no deer to be seen, unlike the last time I visited. There was also a lack of other things on our list that are listed on the Richmond Park website. We did have a good walk and some fresh air though and I did manage to get a few of the things on the list as well as some other nice photos of the landscape, which looked so baron on such a cold day.

An oak tree.

A body of water.

I didn’t manage to spy any songbirds but there were a lot of green parakeets around, this was the best photo I got of one though… 🙁


Some of the trees made really interesting shapes, I wonder what this one looks like with its leaves on.

Canada goose.

Dog walkers.

Pen pond (We think)

A duck.


Sadly, this is the closest I got to horseriders…

I still think Richmond Park is beautiful, even on a wintery day like yesterday.

People on a day out.
After returning from Richmond Park we played with Dolly for a bit before Tom headed off home.

The whole weekend was great and laid-back, so lovely to meet up with old friends after a long time. I’d definitely love to try another photo scavenger hunt again soon.

How did you spend your weekend? I hope you did something fun.

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