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This is a bit rubbish but here are a couple of outfits and more things I bought this week, as well as a couple of gratuitous photographs of Dolly.

So these are the outfits I wore on Wednesday evening and Thursday. I went out on Wednesday for the first time in ages it was a bit of a shame that it was only a quiet one due to my interview the following day. These dresses are too good; great shapes and such cool patterns.

Dress: Yumi, £12.99
Belt: Primark, with another dress
Tights: Primark
Shoes: New Look, last year

Jacket: H&M, last year
Scarf: Primark, nearly 5 years ago
Dress: Yumi, £21.99
Tights: Primark
(wore with) Ankle Boots: River Island.

I got these in the Dorothy Perkins sale for £5, best £5 spent on shoes, ever! They’re so comfy and so ugly, the best! ♥

I’m really liking the idea of putting neat things like greetings cards in frames. Scribbler might have a sale on and I might have popped into the one in Kensington while waiting around for my interview on Friday. They’re by an illustrator called Paul Thurlby and I thought they were pretty cute. The ‘Embrace’ one would make a good Valentine’s card but I feel it might be slightly to mushy for Moon’s taste in that context and I’d prefer it for myself as a piece of art anyway. Now I know that Scribbler is far superior to Paperchase in it’s card selection at the moment, I’ll definitely be taking the time to browse there first.

I got around to printing out my graphic CV a whole week ahead of schedule. Which I probably knew I could do but it does wonders for motivation when you tick things off your to-do list early. The man who works at the printers in New Malden was quite nice and has asked to potentially use photographs from Malden Fortnight to display in the window. I don’t know if anything will come from it but it was kind of nice. I’m to drop some business cards to him during next week.

All baby animals like to do is play.

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