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Wow, this is a bit awkward, I appear to have reached my 700th post, and apparently this is my fourth year of blogging here, wow. I guess I’ll just share some pretty internet things with you because my tabs bar is pretty full.

Today was very uneventful, other than applying for four picture editing jobs today and getting no response as of yet. I also hung out with my kitten, she’s pretty neat but quite dumb. She kept going downstairs and forgetting I was still here so she would call out, then I would shout down to her and she would come running up chirping at me, adorable but a bit stupid.

These have been floating around Tumblr and all kind of other blogs, they’re so cute, if only they weren’t so much and so far away.

Both: Me & Zena
‘Bobby Dazzler’ Pill Box Ring, £29
‘Write On’ Pencil Bangle, £44

Me & Zena have been posting the best jewellery on their Facebook this week, these are definitely the two that I’m most tempted by for when I have a few more pennies, and they have the cutest names too!

I’m so super-psyched that The Maccabees’ new album is dropping on Monday, there are far too many ‘Given to the Wild’ teasers around. I just want the thrill of listening to all-new songs on an all-new album. If you happen to be a Maccabees fan, they’ll be doing Channel 4’s 360 Sessions on Thursday 12th January at 12:50am.

This week, you should totally check out Hannah Curson’s blog about the ‘Frame Wall’ she’s currently working on , she’s posted some neat craft ideas and has even given me inspiration to start my own similar collection. Who knew that a bunch of mismatched frames could still look so stylish?

I suppose that now I’m living with a cat fulltime again I have a right to go a bit ‘cat lady’. This looks like so much fun and could be a great way to put my nail art pens to use
A tutorial for this manicure can be found on Polish You Pretty.

Artist, Yayoi Kasuma let a whole bunch of kids loose with coloured stickers on her ‘domestic installation’ at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane.

Link Love:

  • The Dainty Squid’s Friday Favourites — This is my favourite feature on this blog and she’s posted the most awesome things this week, even though I have enough mugs, I think I need the one featured in this post. And that noticeboard has provided so many possibilities for my someday home.
  • My CreativePool profile — So, I did a bit on this today, I do feel a bit like the website is a bit beyond my reach but I’m sure it won’t hurt to have it properly there and maybe something will come from it.
  • Erin Hanson’s latest Want/Need ImageSo true.
  • In Order — Great Etsy shop featured in the latest Dainty Squid Friday Favourite, it sells awesome chalk boards with storage. God I love storage, perhaps one of the main thing I’m looking forward to when I finally move out is the shelves I’m going to get myself.
  • 100 Greatest Simpsons Movie References

  • I think I’m going to start this 30 Day Challenge from Monday, I love doing these, they can be quite fun and this is a bit different from ones I’ve seen/done before. ♥.
    Day 01 – A picture of yourself with ten facts
    Day 02 – A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest
    Day 03 – A picture of the cast from your favourite show
    Day 04 – A picture of one of your favourite memories from 2011
    Day 05 – A picture of your favourite memory of all time
    Day 06 – A person who always cheers you up
    Day 07 – A person you would trade places with for the day
    Day 08 – A picture of you and one of your best friends
    Day 09 – A picture of you and the person who has gotten you through the most
    Day 10 – A picture of you and the person you do the most silly things with
    Day 11 – A picture of something you hate
    Day 12 – A picture of something you love
    Day 13 – A picture of your favourite band or artist
    Day 14 – A picture of you and someone you could never imagine your life without
    Day 15 – A picture of something you want to do before you die
    Day 16 – A picture of someone who inspires you
    Day 17 – A picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently
    Day 18 – A picture of your biggest insecurity
    Day 19 – A picture of your guilty pleasure
    Day 20 – A picture of somewhere you’d love to travel
    Day 21 – A picture of you and someone who ALWAYS makes you laugh
    Day 22 – A picture of you and someone who you could talk for hours with
    Day 23 – A picture of your favourite book
    Day 24 – A picture of the funnest thing you’ve ever done 🙂
    Day 25 – A picture of you when you were little
    Day 26 – A picture of your all time favourite food
    Day 27 – A picture of yourself and a family member
    Day 28 – A picture of something you’re afraid of
    Day 29 – A picture that can always make you smile
    Day 30 – A picture of someone you miss

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