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While boys play with toys…

In Cornwall and kind of but not really watching Long and Moon play Xbox, less than exciting. Just discovered my typing speed is very much solidly between 70-80wpm at 74wpm, so I may be eligible to earn some cash as a temporary typist for the next few weeks, which will be nice.

I’ve found a few things to share with you, also thought this would be a good time to tell you that I’m putting together a video diary of sorts for this trip, I think I have some nice footage so far. It will be first time I’ve really put my SLR’s filming capabilities to the test so let’s see how it comes together, I’m hoping I’ll be able to upload it somewhere that doesn’t tear apart quality.
Hope that you’re getting used to the combination of wish-list and nice things! ♥

Although perhaps an unlikely X Factor fan, I am an X Factor fan nonetheless. I really like this cute series by photographer, Idil Sukan from when Olly Murs performed with The Muppets on the show. Did I mention I’m also a huge Muppets fan?

No. Yeah? Protest Poster, Urban Outfitters, £10
House display shelf, Urban Outfitters, £65
Love this blunt ‘protest poster’, I do have to take a step back though as it is somewhat tainted by the ‘mass uniqueness’ that comes with Urban Outfitters, not to mention the overpricing.

I can’t wait to have the time, money and space to do projects like this.

Currently loving all things ModCloth, for once everything is mostly my thing and mostly in my price range.
I miss autumn, it was so much kinder than winter, especially Cornish winter.
Pumpkin Chocolate Bar Jacket, ModCloth, $82.99
Mild Meets Wild Coat, ModCloth, $64.99

The socks remind me of my dog socks.
True Colorblock Tights, ModCloth, $23.99
Kindred Soles Socks in Intern, ModCloth, $7.99

Haven’t found a dress that I was really into in ages, but this one’s lovely and super-girly ♥
Winning Streak Dress, ModCloth, $72.99

Nice Links:
ModCloth’s Apartment Section — Kitschy, cute homewarey goodness. ♥
List of the Best Font websitesvia
The Tea Appreciation Society — Lovely society website with a wonderful online shop featuring ‘I ‘heart’ Tea’ t-shirts and other exciting things, they’re currently offering 20% off with the voucher code: GOODSTUFF.

The Seal Sanctuary was bangin’, looking forward to looking back on and editing the photos that I’ve taken so far and surprisingly looking forward to recomposing my portfolio, since harddrive recovery was a bust. After 9 hours everything was called fl578o96 or something to that effect and half of the files were corrupted. Photos were only 60KB max and also only managed to really recover all of Arrested Development and files named from M-T, maybe I wasn’t patient enough, but there must be an easier way. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Today I have drunk a lot of tea and made a barman sad for ordering tea instead of cider or beer, I’m so cold!

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