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Vamps, Crooks and Killers.

Last year’s New York Times Hollywood issue videos blew my mind, showcasing the finest acting talent Hollywood has to offer and showing us what they do best, this year, they might just have outdone themselves.

I enjoyed 14 Actors Acting mainly on an aesthetic level, the series was beautifully filmed with a gorgeous accompaniment of slick, polished images. This year’s 13 Villains pleases me even further, showing actors and actresses as you may have never seen them before, with more specific references to popular films and cult classics. NY Times have kindly put together a rogues gallery mood board to help out with the references you might not get so quickly.
My favourite performances are those by Gary Oldman and Viola Davis but each video is visually pleasing in it’s own way and I think I will make a special effort to keep my eye out for the next year’s edition. The ’13 villains’ series also features Ryan Gosling, George Clooney and Rooney Mara to name a few, not to mention Brad Pitt as you may never have seen him before.

New York Times Magazine: Touch of Evil

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