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Ho Ho Ho.

Ahhh, no one is psyched for Christmas! I am, and I love that everything is holiday themed right now, even Google. I went to Guildford yesterday and it was dead, but I’ve returned feeling holly jolly, even though all I bought was things for myself, but hey, I’m done with Christmas shopping, and I’m quite content with my bank balance hating me.

Tonight I’m meeting up with my best friend, Lucy for Christmas Eve drinks. I was a bit panicky about what to buy her, but on the subject of Christmas gifts, I snapped up one of Lyzi from BeingLittle’s fabric kittens as a potential gift for someone but forgot, and was very pleased when I remembered what I’d done, Internet shopping is so great that way.

They’re adorable, and so reasonably priced, I might pick up a few more and even one for myself when I finally get to my someday home.
You can pick them up and have a look at some of the other cute things Lyzi sells on her shop.

Tatty Devine have posted some great tutorials for things to make with Christmas cracker prizes. Will definitely have to give them a go, and hope that I get something decent, I’m nearly always hoping for the mini-screwdrivers though. You can see the tutorial above and others on the Tatty Devine website.

This portrait series of disabled pets by animal carer/trainer turned photographer, Carli Davidson, is adorable. She also did a great series called ‘Shake’ which can be seen, along with the above, on her website.

Nail Art Pen, Topshop, £6.50.

This is definitely a nail-art pen you can trust, after reading Gem Fatale’s mini review of them, I was still a bit skeptical. However, after testing them out in real life, they really are literally like using a felt-tip pen and are just great, I can’t wait to purchase one for my own as my trusty WAH pen has died and they don’t seem to make them in a larger size anymore. 🙁

(via Nailside)
So envious of these Christmas nail-art ideas right now, I’ve been very indecisive and my nails are so short at the moment, boo!

I’ve seen this film twice in four days, it’s perfection. It’s everything I love about a gritty drama and the cinematography is brilliant, along with the soundtrack and the beautiful Tilda ♥. I picked up the book yesterday which promises to go more in-depth, once I’ve finished fangirling over 127 Hours’ novel, ‘Between a Rock and a Hard Place’, I’ll get on it.

(via LazyOaf)
Due to Nigel Slater’s recent Christmas special, I was reminded of this video I put together when Moon and I were watching him one evening. It may not show Moon in a great light, but I like it and it’s funny.
If you haven’t been overexposed to Michael Bublé yet, where have you been? It’s so difficult to not love him though when he’s willing to parody himself on SNL.

Link love!

  • The Dainty Squid FF #136
  • Google Web Fonts — Free open-source fonts for websites.
  • Kim Jong-Il Dropping The Bass — It’s always nice to see some harmless mocking of a recently deceased dictator.
  • Getty’s Year in Focus — I was waiting for this to turn up, so many powerful images set within a great Youtube mix.
  • Coverjunkie’s Best Cover of 2011 — Be sure to vote for Little White Lies because they’re great but there are some great other magazine covers to look at too. Such nice visuals.
  • Modcloth’s sale — Add the code ‘SALEAWAY’ for an extra 25% off up to 28th December. So many nice things!

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