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Cornish Weekdays in Pictures.

The temptation to bombard you with hundreds of photos of the seals we saw at the National Seal Sanctuary is very tempting, but we did do other things too, I just took a lot more photographs there then I did anywhere else. But don’t worry, I was pretty into snippets of video so I’m going to work on finishing that up by the end of next week – not that I have anything else to do…

So anyway, if you’ve been following my movements (like a massive creep), then you may have noticed that Moon and I took a trip down to Cornwall at the beginning of the week to visit our friend Long. We’ve done this before, just never in winter. It rained nearly every day we were there but was sunny both on the way there and on the way back *curses*.
Although I seem to have concentrated a bit more on taking nice videos, being the snap-happy lady that I am, there are more than enough photos to feature in a blog post.
All the images can be found on Facebook or a smaller edited down set can be found on Flickr.

I had nice time and it was nice to see Long and catch up, plus it was good for Moon to get away from the stress of job hunting for a bit too. We were actually only there for three full days but it felt like ages, not in a bad way, it was just because the days were really short and it got dark to quickly, if that makes sense.

The seal sanctuary is located in the tiny village of Gweek. The car park is very big so I would imagine that in the high season it’s packed full of gawkers, but we were the only ones there, apart from two other groups who were leaving as we encountered them. It was so empty that one of the guides gave us a one-to-one of her whole educational schtick and let us know all about the seals and the work they do at the sanctuary, she then let us feed some fur seals, which look a lot like sea-lions. I would have got some photos but it literally tipped it down for the whole ten minutes we were doing it.

I don’t think that in my life I’ve ever real got that close to a seal, but they’re quite big and they make the best noises. The fact it was raining made it sound like they were a bit sad, which is of course ludicrous because they naturally live by and in the sea.

I think this one is my favourite, which is why I’m sharing it here rather than Facebook, such a lovely face!

Since going through my portfolio again after Long’s Xbox wiped my harddrive, I’ve noticed that I quite like text and signs, I knew it anyway, but it comes across a lot more concentrated when they’re all put together.

As you can see I am wearing my custom-made Merrimaking hood, which I didn’t manage to get up in time while we were feeding the seals. 🙁

One of the fur seals we fed. The similarities between Californian sea-lions and fur seals would explain why it was so difficult to find photographs of each when doing picture research on the sea lions in the Galapagos Islands


We headed over to Falmouth after visiting the seals to have some lunch.

This is Clay’s Barbershop, which had the boys drooling over it’s interiors and general ‘chappish‘ness. I was also really impressed with the interior design, and the attention to detail that had gone into make it a vintage man’s lair, the chairs and the cash register were beautiful.

On Wednesday we spent the best part of the day in Padstow milling around.

I had around 5 cups of tea while we were out in a bid to warm myself up, but it didn’t work, no idea why I’m being such a woman this year.

This is Molly, one of Long’s dogs, I like her because she doesn’t bark very loud or hardly ever. This is from Thursday when it was time to take the dogs for a walk, on a beach, in the rain. It was pretty cool though, we went to Trevone Bay which has a natural phenomenon called the Blowhole, a collapsed sea cave. I don’t think I’ve ever been near the sea when waves have been that big!

So, it all started and ended with a very long drive, the way home meant a detour through all sorts of exciting villages such as Bawdrip and Charlton Mackrel, we even passed Glastonbury Tor. I’m definitely beginning to think that the West is prettier than the East, but I just like the countryside, it’s all beautiful.

Keep an eye out for my video in the next few days. Some how Christmas has crept up on me, how is it now two weeks away? I must sort out getting our tree up, my family is not being very pro-active. I’ve also only bought presents for about 3 people so I need to get cracking, weirdly not a big fan of internet shopping for other people, unless it’s books or DVDs, but I think DVDs are usually kind of a lazy gift.

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