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Can’t quite believe that it’s already 2nd December, I didn’t do anything productive today, I was thinking about it but then it was really cold and it got too late.
I uploaded some photos onto Alamy for assessment but they got rejected by quality-control, which bothers the hell out of me because having frequented Alamy for the last month, the images I posted were to a high standard in terms of image content, not sure why it matters that they’re not 3million pixels wide… maybe I’m just in a silly mood.

I’m very much in the mood for doing nothing, the weather definitely nods towards duvet days and warm drinks with cats. Here are some nice things I’ve saved up from around the internet for the last week. This weeks theme kind of surrounds things that I might want for Christmas, but is also a bit arty, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic for the ‘research’ side of my degree so I’ve some how absent-mindedly found stuff, some I know from before, others I didn’t.

Check out the links below to find out more about the Little Printer.

Bound – Cotton wrapped deceased oak, Meadow Arts Commission (2009).
Series by Philippa Lawrence reflecting the contrast of man-made aesthetics to the natural, the images themselves are beautiful but it would be great to see one. Much better than the less than impressive yarn bomb I saw in Brick Lane last weekend.

Rabbit origami pin – Hug A Porcupine

I’ve seen these floating around eBay for a while, too adorable.

No matter how often I come across Boo Ritson’s work, I’m always excited and surprised, I love how playful the images are as well as deceptive, giving the viewer a need to take a second look.

23 Pairs – Andrea Duncan.
I saw this at the Wellcome Collection last week, it was maybe one of the only images that I liked. It’s a representation of the 23 genomes that make up chromosomes as socks, demonstrating the individuality of humans, shot in a scientific, deadpan style.

(via PetaPixel).

Camel/orange Dolly coatDorothy Perkins

I kind of feel bad for wanting a new coat considering my current one is fine and has served me so well, but I think I’d like to look a bit smarter and maybe older, and these colours are so nice. I’m also finding myself eyeing up parkas, ones with fleece inside, they looks so warm!

I definitely have enough t-shirts.

Link lovin’.
Maiden — Amazing gift shop in Shoreditch High Street which I’ve been wittering on about for over a week. There is a lot more available in-store but their online store is just as bangin’, check it out.
Hello Little Printer — Article about the upcoming ‘Little Printer’ from design consultancy, BERG. I wonder what the price will be like, it’s such a cute idea, but sadly I feel that it might have a touch of the Polaroid PoGo’s about it.
Christmas Window Displays — I’m a sucker for a cracking window display and I also happen to love Christmas, so thanks Marie Clair for marrying the two ♥.
Seams and Stitches — Sometimes I get a bit sad when I find a WordPress blog, but that’s why Bloglovin’ is so useful. I have that now by the way (plug). I found this blog while searching for Boo Ritson images, but there are regular arty, inspirational posts and I like they way that it’s written.
Scenes of Mall Madness ’89 — Late 80’s fashion inspiration. Unf.

What I’m listening to.
This week I’ve been rekindling my love for ‘classic’ Maccabees songs and finding some ‘new to me’ music.

As for my two cents on The Maccabees latest album teaser, sadly I’m not fangirling over it, as nice as their re-arranged compositions are, I was only impressed by a couple scenes within the short film, which the guys put together with filmmakers Charlie & Joe, visually it was nothing that really wowed me, sorry guys. But it’s exciting that their release date is soon:
02 January — ‘Pelican’, single.
09 January — ‘Given to the Wild’, album
You can view the Given to the Wild short film on Drowned in Sound.

Sorry that this has so much in one place, it’s been a while, I’ll try harder next time when I’m less distracted.

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