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On Saturday we had a family get-together to celebrate my Uncle and Auntie’s silver wedding anniversary. I didn’t really take as many snaps as I would have liked to because it was so good to see and catch up with everyone but I think I got a few nice ones and if not for my portfolio then they’ll be good for my visual diary and to give back to my family if they want them.

I’m in Cornwall at the moment staying at my friend Long’s house until the end of the week so I don’t think I’ll have much time to update this as we’re planning on doing some nice things, we might be going to see some seals tomorrow.
It didn’t take too long to drive here but it was a bit dull and I’m a bit sleepy. Currently I’m a bit annoyed that Long’s Xbox thought it would be nice to format my external hard-drive without warning, leaving me with no portfolio to work on when I get back, unless this file recovery works, although I’m super worried I’m going to run out of main hard-drive space…

I hope that this week will be a good chance to take some nice photos, even if the weather is threatening to be less than impressive.

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