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Wedding overload.

My cousin got married today, it was totally different to the wedding I worked at on Friday. It was basically just a great excuse to spend the whole afternoon eating, which is the best thing about weddings, particularly Chinese ones.

I didn’t attend the actual ceremony, but it was a really nice reception, and very well thought out. The venue was also great, and made a change from where our family events usually take place. Afternoon well spent.

Kind of annoyed that this is my last shot, it’s pigeon, and I don’t like pigeon very much (at all, in fact). In Chinese culture apparently eating the head of chickens and other birds helps to keep you awake/wake you up in the mornings, I think I’d rather have a lie-in.

I don’t actually know what’s happening to me, I’m becoming such a girl. Although the two weddings I attended were completely different, I came very close to crying at both – the first one I wasn’t even emotionally connected to! I used to be so tough and now I’m welling up all over the shop, particularly over things that are happy or nice, and I’m definitely there if they’re both. Ridiculous.
I’ve spent most of this weekend obsessing over which movie I’ve heard this song from, I kind of love it, they don’t really make them like this anymore do they?

I’m quite upset that Craig from X Factor sung it because it’s just odd when that kind of thing happens. Get out of my life, TV!

Only a week and a half left to go at Ink before I finish, here’s hoping I can make the most of it.

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