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Purchases. ♥

As I mentioned in my previous post, I bought a few of nice things on Saturday. In some ways it was a bit of a failure because I had intended to get some Christmas shopping done but it other ways it has made me see how incredibly selfish I am, which ultimately results in my happiness, so I can’t complain. Who am I kidding anyway, it’s years until Christmas.

The Adventures of Tom the Lion – Tom the Lion.
I’ll start off with something I didn’t buy. I persuaded Moon to treat himself as he is currently feeling as down about ‘the job situation’ as I was a few weeks ago – and undoubtedly will be feeling in a few days time. The lion is coincidental and just something I have lion lying around. As it goes, Rough Trade East know how to pick a good album of the month. I quite like it and currently have the first track on repeat on my iTunes. For the price it also came in some of the nicest CD packaging I’ve ever seen, bargain!
Moon’s blogged about it, he can be such a hipster, I can’t even.

These two critters are from Maiden, an amazing shop on Shoreditch High Street. They’re made by a company called Quail, which make all kinds of other adorable ceramic animal homewares and gifts. The guinea piggy bank is life-size, so cute! It was such a tough decision to go for this pug egg cup over all the other worthy faces looking back at me, I even shunned a panda, I think additional purchases are definitely needed. However, at the same time I need to stop crowding my tiny room with things for my future house, I just don’t have the space right now. 🙁

I’m not sure what spurred me to buy these but I picked them up at the Old Spitalfields Vintage Flea Market. The green matches are the same brand as the only tobacco that one of my uncle smokes so I thought I’d put them in a Christmas card, and get him something else, obviously. They’re quite pretty though and different and I would imagine there is a chance I will need matches in my life at some point.

All Lazy Oaf Xmas Pop-up Shop
Mittens – £1
T-shirt – £10
Tote bag – £5

If I had more money I would definitely have spent more, I’m dying to get these socks and this anorak was amazing and reduced. I did have a bit of a steal though, the mittens would have come in useful today if I had remembered to bring them, hello winter! Best £1 I’ve spent on an item of clothing, even if they are a little bit big, I adore the pattern and colours.

This ring is from a stall in Brick Lane market, which I have got things from before but forgotten the name of again, I was doing so well as well. I would recommend you get down there though as the jewellery they offer is much cheaper than getting it online. I also picked up my sister something that that’s a secret.
What do you think of my nails, they’re still here today, I like them, they remind me of Skittles.

Two days left with Ink…

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