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Hello neglected blog,

  • My friend is getting me to write an article about his production company for a real magazine and I’m worried because I don’t have a lot of time.
  • I’m entering my final week with Ink as of tomorrow.
  • I have another nice weekend planned.
  • I’ll eventually get around to all the things I put off doing before I had a job once I don’t have a job anymore.
  • I wish there were more Picture Desk jobs out there, I’m quite good at researching.
  • This is a picture I found today while looking for photos of Brad Pitt with a beard, amazing.
    Mainly contextually due to the fact I’m currently seeing my sister through The Sopranos/treating myself to a re-watch.
  • The fog we’ve been having recently is so intriguing, I don’t think I really saw it while in Portsmouth.
  • I have a selection of phone photos as long as my arm to share but I don’t know which ones to pick.
  • I’m great, someone hire me for freelancing/a ‘real’ job.

    The days have gone by quite quickly this week, but the week itself hasn’t. I think I got too used to being pressed for deadlines but now there’s a bit less going on.
    My evenings are being taken up being a slob, which is incredibly unproductive of me considering I should definitely be working on this article, as well as practicing for my driving theory, but 9-5’s are hard, especially when they’re actually more like 7-7s when you consider commuting and breakfast.
    You’ll probably get sick of me when I’m back moaning about my supposed lack of employability and posting photos of my fingernails…

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