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I ♥ Shoreditch.

Apart from the hipsters and dickheads.. :3

Yesterday I took Moon to Shoreditch to show him all the cool things I don’t get to look at because I’m always worrying about time during my lunch break. I bought so many things and had such a nice time and saw so many nice things. It was such a good day out. We started off at Maiden (unf, what a shop, truly living up to it’s amazing window display!), then we went over to the vintage flea market at Old Spitalfields Market, also awesome, after that we had a browse around Brick Lane and on the way headed to Lazy Oaf’s Pop-Up Christmas Shop (bargain-tastic!) and some how we ended up at the Wellcome Collection after Moon found a leaflet outside Spitalfields toilets. Quite a trek but I think we definitely made the most of the day and it was so nice being together and feeling like a couple and not having to talk to each other on the phone. I talk as though we never see each other, but the last week has been a long one with no real relaxation time, I’ll definitely be sick of him when I’m back to being unemployed :).
Should I apologise for the following photo-essay? :3

We had a pretentious moment before we entered the market and went into a little kitchen shop and picked up Long’s parents a nice gift for when we visit them next week, it was delicious and, despite preconceptions, the shop was both welcoming and helpful. I kind of fell in love with the sales assistant and his gift wrapping skills, a little bit. Even if he did have a weak moustache.

I’ve passed this shop every other day for two weeks, I’m not that into the whole Lomography trend but it’s window display is amazing and they always seem to have great offers. Lomography Gallery Store.

Even though he is being a standard grump, I like this picture, the DoF is nice and the colour is nice and his face is nice. ♥

Casually looking super-Chinese and cheesy with a ginger beer.

As much as I loved the environment and the hustle and bustle, and although there were some proper bargains and amazing items there, I did question the value of some of the items on display as well as their presentation. When would you need mannequin legs that aren’t on a mannequin?

I was seriously considering buying the ‘Zoo’ book for nostalgia but I was kind of a bit sad that whoever had owned it had carefully written their own additions to the book. It satisfied me enough to remember that this is exactly what I used to do, that and so much unnecessary colouring in.

New style icon.

Chipped into the wall.

If I had enough room for another book, I would definitely have bought this, so much love for branding.

There were so many pop-up shops and sample sales everywhere, best way to find nice new things.

While on our way back to the station we stumbled into this shop called Lik + Neon, and there were a few sleeping cats lying around, real ones, just casually as if it was normal. Amazing and they were so calm and well behaved.

This is the sun setting, it was weird to see it from this perspective and it was basically already dark…

After making the trek from Shoreditch to Euston and thinking we were lost but actually weren’t, we made it to the Wellcome Collection. It was something I was initially excited about as I thought it would have curiosities, which can be quite fun, it wasn’t what I thought and Moon and I just ended up feeling a bit uneasy, but maybe we were just missing the point…

Cardigan: H&M (last year)
Scarf: Primark (ancient)
Top/Dress: Gift from Moon
Skirt: Primark
Bag: River Island
Boots: River Island

Sometimes I realise how short I am.

‘I Can’t Help The Way I Feel’ (2003) – John Issacs

A slice of human body.

Okay, so we didn’t exactly enjoy the museum, but sometimes not liking things together is fun, and it was something different and somewhere warm to be for another hour. It was also free, and you know how much we love free things.

Trip, success. I wish it wasn’t such a trek, I think I could handle dickheads if I could own half the things I didn’t buy yesterday. I’m looking forward to the next couple of weeks, there’s a lot on, I don’t think my feet are really going to touch the ground.

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