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I handed over my receipts for my expenses today. What a weight, I was getting so stressed out over possibly losing them.

Today was a very good last day, I really enjoyed my time at Ink and it definitely beat stapling paper and reorganising cupboards.
They were also kind enough to give me a quick portfolio review, which I wasn’t going to take advantage of because it’s been ages since I’ve shown anyone any proper work, but I’m glad I did. I might actually try and persevere with this whole photography thing. Doing that has definitely helped towards how I’m going to lay out my online portfolio. I am so disgustingly aware of how long I’ve been saying that I’ll do it, I just kept getting distracted with applying for jobs, now I’m going to make myself because it’s just as important.

I hope that this experience and getting some new experience under my belt will help with keeping me motivated for a bit, I’m ready for the next step, and taking some time out next week.

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