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I might get a chance to flex my photography muscles at Ink on Monday. Hopefully anyway, we’re going to a restaurant to get some nice shots of these cookery books for one of the magazines.

I had to do a (terrible) test shoot yesterday to display them but it was a bit flat in terms of lighting, if I am photographing I hope there will be a bit more depth and control. But the test was just to get an idea of how to lay them out, it was all quite exciting, I got to move from my desk and use a sexy Canon, secretly nerdgasmed, but it only took about 10 minutes.

Currently waiting for Moon to get here, my driving lesson today went really well, I think I definitely need to open my ears a bit more though, to avoid getting unnecessarily flustered at roundabouts.

While I’m here, it would appear that the JobCentre need further complaints made to them as within the last few days I have received both my P45 and a letter letting me know that my claim had been closed and what I can do in terms of additional funding, which is great and all, if I didn’t only have three days left with Ink. Morons, it’s as though they’ve done it on purpose and know there is no point in me doing anything about it… funny that..

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